Built in the late 1700's The Welcome Stranger was once a self-sufficient public house complete with its own brewery

15th December

Jon Walsh Blues Trio

The Jon Walsh Blues Band is a real blues band! Not a blues-rock band, nor a rock band disguised as blues band although we may branch out occasionally. Saying that, don't think that we only play the "crying in your beer" kind of blues because we can boogie with the very best! The Jon Walsh Blues Band conjures up all the different colours and moods of the blues - it rocks, boogies, stomps, howls, cries, and weeps.

19th December

Christmas Raffle Night

22nd December


24th December

Christmas Eve - Jumper Party

31st December

New Years Eve Party

New Years Eve Party at The Welcome Stranger.


7pm till late! 

Disco & Light Buffet

26th January

Jon Walsh and Terri Jane

Playing an acoustic set of covers ranging from Patsy Cline to Led Zeppelin and Norah Jones to Amy Winehouse

2nd February

Electric Eden

Electric Eden are a three piece contemporary English folk band from Hampshire, producing a very earthy traditional sound with a modern approach to folk song writing.

6th February

Open Mic Night

23rd February

Trouble In Mind

'Trouble in Mind' entertain with familiar and original material right across the board, from every era, and genre, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Latin, Country, Classical, Ballads and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

6th March

Open Mic Night

16th March

The Flying Toads

The Toads are a multi-instrumental band playing inventive arrangements of Irish music. They originally met through playing in some of the excellent Irish sessions in the UK and Ireland and share a deep respect for traditional Irish music.

3rd April

Open Mic Night

6th April

The Clive Collective

The Clive Collective, a Wiltshire based band. They play Jazz blues folk country funk swing gospel rock …and a bit of Frank Zappa.

1st May

Open Mic Night

4th May


Abbaholics - The ULTIMATE tribute to the music by ABBA.

Tickets £10.00 (on sale from the 8th April)

18th May

Paul Gibson (Mod night)

MOD NIGHTWeller/ The Jam /Style Council PLUS the 60s) This Show is a superb combination of 60s Mod classics from the Who / Kinks / Small Faces / Beatles / Stones / Move merged with The Modfather Paul Weller.....Lots of Jam / Style Council a little Northern Soul and SKA from The Specials + Madness / plus their An Energetic show for all ages to enjoy............and they do!!

5th June

Open Mic Night

3rd July

Open Mic Night

6th July


You are about to discover a brand new vibe - Got2Funk This band is something you have never experienced before! Performing covers from the 70’s & 80’s.

7th August

Open Mic Night

4th September

Open Mic Night

2nd October

Open Mic Night

6th November

Open Mic Night

4th December

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night 7th November 2018

Halloween Party - All aboard the Ghost Ship 27th October 2018

Pete Harris Blues Band - 22nd September 2018

Open Mic Night 5th September 2018

The Tumbleweeds In the Pub Garden 27th August 2018 (photos available, ask Dave or Denise at the Pub)


The Tumbleweeds In the Pub Garden 27th August 2018

Vintage 4th August 2018

Open Mic Night 4th July 2018

Kimpton Live Christmas Party 16th December 2017 - www.leannestreetphotography.co.uk

The Tumbleweeds Country Music Night 2nd December 2017

Hallloween Party Night 28th October 2017

The Treblemakers 26th August 2017

Hooch 27th May 2017

The Pete Harris Blues Band 8th April 2017

Strange Brew 14th January 2017

The Tumbleweeds 19th November 2016

Halloween Party Night 29th October 2016

Uncle Tom's Cobbley 15th October 2016

The Tumbleweeds - August Bank Holiday Monday 2016

Folk 'n' Ale Weekend 27th & 28th May 2016. The Tumbleweeds & Scrape The Barrel

The Bollards 19th March 2016

The Revival 13th February 2016

The Ray Jones Band 16th January 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

The Tumbleweeds 5th December 2015

Halloween Party Night 31st October 2015

Mostly Harmless 17th October 2015

3 Daft Monkeys 29th August 2015

Uncle Tom's Cobbleys 1st August 2015

The Pete Harris Blues Band 27th June 2015

Vintage 13th June 2015

Sylvia Barnes & Sandy Stanage 6th June 2015

Folk 'n' Ale 22nd-24th May 2015

The Dudes 16th May 2015

Echotape 9th May 2015

The Bird Dogs 11th April 2015

The Bollards 7th March 2015

Music Night - Richard Harris & Cody Rooke with Denise, Malcolm & Howard. 28th February 2015

Uncle Tom's Cobbleys 20th December 2014

Vintage 6th December 2014

Geoff Lakeman & Friends 29th November 2014

Halloween Night 2014

Andy Kennett - Elvis Night 4th October 2014

The Wid Swans - 13th September 2014

Kimpton Live 23rd August 2014

The Bollards - 2nd August 2014

Folk 'n Ale Weekend 23rd & 24th May 2014

The Ray Jones Band 8th March 2014

Common Ground 22nd February 2014

Sarah Lee 11th January 2014

New Years Eve 2013 - 80's theme

The Bollards - 17th November 2013

Uncle Tom's Cobbleys - 14th December 2013

Halloween 2013

Vintage - 60's Night, 26th October 2013